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Funny and Amusing

Makes Me Chuckle

Homework Incompetence

I'm not Fat

Built in Life Preserver Built In Life Jacket


I Saw Bigfoot I Party With Bigfoot

Medical Related

Chill Pill DX Call Light TLC

Misc. Sayings

Baby Inside Even the voices in my head stopped talking Road to Success is Always Under Construction Stupid No Stupid Questions Hell Must of Frozen Over Photographic Memory Hello Mr. Headache My Favorite Color is Dirt 50.00 Surcharge Made the List I'm Crabby The Original Energy Drink Cheese with Whine Light at end of tunnel Everything is Better on Fridays Laughs Last Why do you have to get through WTF In your head Why After Dark? I Seal the Deal



Game Over Marriage Hangman Part of This Family Willingly Same Book Different Chapters

For Bride

Bride Inside Future Ex Wife

For Groom

Groom Inside Future Ex Husband



Where you going in those pants?


Misc. Sayings

Computer Kick Boxing Can't Fix Stupid Information Superhighway Roadkill Problem Between Keyboard and Chair Test Message


Anger Management

Anger Sharks are swimming Flirting is cheating's ugly cousin GoosFraBa Anger Monkey

Easy A

Property of OJAI North

Old School

I'll Do One Fill It Up Again It's So Good We are going streaking Give me your number

Star Wars

Couldn't See Anything

Sweet Home Alabama

Groomsman of the Apocalypse

Water Boy

No Social Skills



No I did not east the last cookie Santa's Favorite Elf


For Her

Mr. Right Now

For Him

Ms. Right Now

Life In General

Misc. Sayings

Living the American Dream My Daddy Owes Me Smart or Not If I wanted your drama

Family Related

Turned into my mother Turned into my father I could be your sister I could be your brother If it is not one thing

Name Related

You don't know me from Adam Hi, I am Adam

Fake Business


Parachute Service

Misc. Fake Businesses

Whole Nine Yards Landscaping Aerial Prozac